Services for Individuals

Our certified translations of certificates, certificates of completed studies, certifications and excerpts from civil registers and official records help you on your way to studies or work abroad. Our services are also helpful if you are selling real estate to foreigners, if you are inheriting from your relatives...

Our court sworn interpreters help you when facing new challenges, such as:

  • study or diploma abroad,
  • marriage abroad,
  • marriage to a foreign national,
  • work abroad,
  • inheritance from relatives abroad,
  • recognition of paternity when the father is a foreign national,
  • adoption abroad,
  • moving abroad, etc.

Documents we regularly translate and certify, as required, include:

  • academic certificates and degrees,
  • police clearance certificates,
  • professional examination certificates,
  • birth certificates,
  • death certificates,
  • marriage certificates,
  • apostilles,
  • applications for citizenship,
  • excerpts from the land register,
  • inheritance statements,
  • testaments from abroad,
  • decrees on distribution,
  • police reports of car accidents,
  • sales of immovable property to foreign nationals,
  • appraisals of immovable property, and
  • residence permits for Slovenia.

Our court sworn interpreters professionally and reliably serve/interpret at different occasions, such as:

  • marriages,
  • recognition of paternity,
  • at administrative units,
  • at law firms and notary publics,
  • in court, and
  • at embassies or consular representations.

If your document is not listed, please complete the online form and send it by email to, or contact us at +383 1 230 84 78 and we will gladly help you.

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