Specialised in legal translations

We are university graduates in law, linguistics and translation. We know the Slovenian and foreign legal systems, which is essential when translating legal texts.

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Team of experienced translators

We believe that only professionally qualified lawyers can produced high-quality translations of legal documents.


Our Advantages

We are professionals and…

…we understand the law. We are university graduates in law, linguistics and translation. We know the Slovenian and foreign legal systems, which is essential when translating legal texts. Legal translation requires more than the translation of words; it also requires the translation of legal concepts.

…we understand business. According to one of our clients, cooperation with us means “one worry less for them”. We know that it is essential for your business that we perform our work precisely, quickly and reliably. We intend to stay in business for many years to come and that is why we strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

…we understand you. We know that it is essential to you that we are diligent and precise in our translations. It is also important that we abide by agreements and try to put ourselves in your position. This is essential when translating, as people can view the same situation quite differently due to cultural differences, different customs and beliefs.

…we understand the language. A bachelor’s degree in law and linguistics and a dictionary are not enough to work at Lex Tra. All of our employees have spent part of their lives in a country where a certain language is spoken. They are able to think in that language, and are well acquainted with its social and cultural background.

Our Quality

Because we are aware of our responsibility…

…we assure you that we will be precise and diligent. Even the smallest error in legal translations may cause numerous problems. At Lex Tra, legal documents are translated by university graduates in law and every translation is reviewed by two pairs of eyes. Court interpreters certify that the translation corresponds to the original with their statement, stamp and signature.

…we respect agreed deadlines. We are proud of the fact that we have never missed a deadline agreed with our clients. We are quick and reliable, but never at the expense of quality. We always let our clients know how long it is going to take to complete a translation.

…we ensure security and confidentiality. We consider the protection of confidential information and translated documents to be very important. Our interpreters, translators and proofreaders sign a statement on the protection of confidential information. Our translations are carefully and securely kept in digital form.

Our Commitment

We love our work because…

…we love to translate. We are fascinated by and enjoy translating a complex text that corresponds to the original, but is at the same time clear and understandable.

…we like to help. It brings us a great deal of satisfaction when our translations help our clients to communicate, conclude a legal transaction, go study or work abroad, when they are selected in an international tender, etc. That’s when we know that we have performed our work very well.

We can help.

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