Services for Business and Diplomacy

We translate financial reports, financial statements, annual reports, various certificates, powers of attorney and excerpts from the court register for Slovenian and foreign companies. We have established close cooperation with banks, tax consultants, auditors...

A good and reliable translator and certified court interpreter is an indispensable partner for:

  • importers,
  • exporters,
  • companies participating in public tenders abroad,
  • foreign companies that establish branch offices in Slovenia,
  • foreign chambers of commerce and industry,
  • patent agents,
  • banks,
  • insurance companies,
  • accounting firms,
  • tax consultants,
  • auditors,
  • travel agencies,
  • foreign embassies,
  • foreign diplomatic missions,
  • offices for student affairs at faculties, and
  • agencies dealing with job placement abroad.

Types of documents we regularly translate and certify, as required, include:

  • bids in public tenders,
  • excerpts from the court register,
  • financial statements,
  • balance sheet,
  • annual reports,
  • independent auditor’s reports,
  • powers of attorney,
  • establishment of companies abroad,
  • bank guarantees,
  • certificates of good conduct for business entities,
  • AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services) credit reports,
  • general terms and conditions,
  • TARS (Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia) certificates of no outstanding chargeable taxes,
  • notifications of registration in the court register,
  • tax decisions, etc.

Our court sworn interpreters professionally and reliably serve/interpret at:

  • commercial negotiations, and
  • scientific lectures.

If your document is not listed, please complete the online form and send it by email to, or contact us at +386 1 230 84 78 and we will gladly help you.

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